A new way to play with sidewalk chalk

  • Fun For All

    Roads, hopscotch, treasure maps or a whole city! Being able to stand and draw opens up a world of possibilities and outdoor fun.

  • Toy Industry

    Walkie Chalk is being recognized as a new creative and fun way to play not just by kids and moms, but bloggers, retailers, art teachers and the special needs community. Walkie Chalk is an award-winning toy everyone can enjoy!

  • Holds Round or
    Square Chalk

    Walkie Chalk works with nearly all sidewalk chalk on the market. Our patented foam sidewalk chalk holder design allows you to grab any chalk and go.

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Hello from the Walkie Chalk team!

We invented Walkie Chalk for us, the adults (shhh…don’t tell the kids!) but the secret quickly got out, it's outdoor fun for all ages! Walkie Chalk is a patented sidewalk chalk holder, a drawing stick, no more bending over for adults and a new fun way to draw and doodle for kids! We're excited you're here...

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  • I rarely sidewalk chalk, but when I do,
    I walkie chalk. ~ That interesting tan guy on TV