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"There's nothing wrong with using chalk on the ground.... but, what could you draw if you could move around?"



Walkie Chalk®, launched in 2016, is a revolutionary new way to create that allows everyone from toddlers to grandparents to “Stand Up & Draw!”™ with sidewalk chalk. How fun is that? 

We initially invented Walkie Chalk for us, the adults… (shhhh- don’t tell the kids!) Looking for an easier way to draw roads around our driveway that our kids were always asking for, we zip tied a piece of chalk to a rake handle out of necessity- and the idea for Walkie Chalk as a stand up chalk holder, was born.  Then, drawing (pun sort of intended) from our knowledge and experience in manufacturing, as well as marketing- we went from rough prototype to a finished retail ready product in just seven months. Sleep is highly overrated! And soon, our uniquely new chalk holder came to life. In our first year we have in-store orders from national retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Toys"R"Us, Michael's Hobby Lobby, Ace Hardware, The Grommet, Zulily and more. 

Walkie Chalk isn’t just all fun, either. Physical Therapists have told us they are finding benefits for building both fine and gross motor skills in both children and adults; Art Teachers also see this as a beneficial tool, giving their students an “opportunity to enhance creative expression through the use of extended drawing." And it seems even political protesters may find a way to use a Walkie Chalk. Basically, anywhere you can draw outside, Walkie Chalk makes it a new and different experience, and it's a lot of fun! 

We designed Walkie Chalk to be simple, durable and universal. Our patented design holds both round and square chalk and is so simple a young child can use it, and can be assembled at 24 inches or 36 inches in seconds. You just grab some chalk and go!

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Let’s Stand Up & Draw! 

Shauna & Matt Damman


Walkie Chalk® can be found at these great places starting Spring 2017!



















hall of fame!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who believed in our vision and invested to make it a reality! 

$500 Donors

  • Bill Damman - Beverly Hills Ace Hardware
  • Donors at Cornerstone Charter Schools- Detroit, MI
  • Joe & Lucia Saad

$250 Donors

  • Nick & Amy Thole

$200 Donors

  • Diane Crawford - Restyle Child, Birmingham MI
  • Michael Orlando - Berkshire Middle School, Beverly Hills, MI

$100 Donors

  • Annita & Brandon Love
  • Beth Simon
  • Bethany & Matt Finnerty
  • Brian & Maggie Mittelstaedt
  • Brian Owen
  • Bryan & Gina Nykerk
  • Carl Saad
  • Florence Allen
  • Jaime & Nick Christopher
  • James Ryder
  • Jeff Huebner
  • Joan & Rick Hayden
  • Jodi Herchold
  • John & Tinney Newman
  • Kamelot & Jeff Higgins
  • Katherine & Brand DuBose
  • Kenny Lipschutz
  • Kevin Schnieders
  • Lisa Albukerk
  • Mango Mike Anderson
  • Matthew Abramsky
  • Mick & Katie Janness
  • Ortonville Ace Hardware
  • Peter & Stephanie Schwartz
  • Ryan Wheeler
  • Shanni Novak
  • Shilpa & Kenton Rosenberry
  • Stacy Huffman
  • Thomas Willis
  • Todd & Felice Marcy
  • Vicki & Chad Hall

— Thank you!