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How to Make an Epic Pillow Fort (and Printables)

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Guest post by our friend Emily Gibson from Siege Media... Enjoy!

As we get into the middle of summer, we don’t always want to get outside where it’s too hot to enjoy ourselves. But, we still want to have fun!

Making a pillow fort is a great way to achieve the best of both worlds. Pillow forts are fun, low-cost activities that typically only require common household items to get started. All you need to do is gather sheets, blankets and decorations, then start building the indoor oasis of your dreams. 

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Here is a step-by-step guide on creating the ultimate fort: 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Collect blankets, pillows and sheets to serve as the walls and roof of your fort. 

Step 2: Choose a Location

Try to pick a well-ventilated that is sunny but not too hot. You can also build the fort near a wall plug if you want to have an area to plug in lights or electronics. 

Step 3: Build the Base

Choose a large, sturdy piece of furniture like a couch or chair to serve as the base of your fort. Arrange several smaller pieces of furniture around your base to serve as anchor points. 

Step 4: Build the Roof

Secure a sheet or blanket to your base and to an anchor point, then continue to do so until you have a solid roof. Alternatively, you can make the roof of your fort by attaching the sheet or blanket to the wall with pushpins. 

Step 5: Make the Walls

Fill in the gaps between the roof and the floor by laying blankets and sheets over the fort. For added security, secure them with pushpins. 

Step 6: Add Personal Touches

Making your fort personal for you and your family can make it more fun to spend time inside. Bring in decorations such as lights, stuffed animals and rugs. Consider also making a fun, festive sign or bringing in your family’s favorite things to make the fort all your own and a sanctuary where you can have fun together as a family. For added whimsy and personalization, check out the following printables from Bestow

Customizable Welcome Sign

[printable download]

[mockup download]

Download this customizable welcome sign and give your fort its own, fun name. 

Printable Night Sky

[printable download]

[mockup download]

Print out these stars and planets to create a night sky in your fort. Hang them from the top of your fort or attach them to string lights to give yourself the sensation of being in space.

Printable Garden

[printable download]

[mockup download]

Print out these fun garden plants and bugs to add a garden feeling to your fort. Attach them to the sides of your structure with tape or string.

Beach Day Garland

[printable download]

[mockup download]

Print out this beach day garland to bring the fun feeling of a beach tent into your home. String the letters and marine animals together on a string and hang it in your fort to get yourself into a beachy mood. 

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