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About Us

Walkie Chalk was "born" out of necessity right on our driveway in Michigan.  

We initially invented it for us, the adults… (shhh... don’t tell the kids!)

After Shauna had her third C-section and couldn't get on the ground to draw with our older two children, she zip-tied a piece of chalk to a stick and coined it the "Walkie Chalkie!" (yes, we own that name too). Matt saw this and within a week was prototyping and designing what would become the Walkie Chalk. 


Quickly, our neighborhood friends and some fun grandmas loved not having to bend down to draw with sidewalk chalk. The kids had a new way to make big creative things like roads and cities. And everyone said "why didn't I think of that?"

A mom's idea became a dad's invention. And the kids just kept on drawing and drawing!

Of course, we're skipping a few steps here too, it took a family and friend effort to take Walkie Chalk from an idea to the shelves of Toys R Us, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Walgreen's and more in less than a year. But, Walkie Chalk isn’t just all fun, either. Okay, it's mostly fun, but...

Physical Therapists, art teachers and the special needs community have embraced Walkie Chalk too. Basically, anywhere you can draw outside, Walkie Chalk makes it a new and different experience.  

We designed Walkie Chalk to be simple. Push in the chalk and go. We hope you'll try one. We'd love to hear from you and please join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook.

Let’s Stand Up & Draw!

Shauna & Matt Damman

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(Walkie Chalk Management Team in Florida for the Ace Hardware show.)