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Sidewalk Chalk to Snow Shoes: Kids Activities - "Just Get Outside!"

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"Get Outside!" - How many times have we yelled that the kids?

The old "when we were young..." could go on for days, we used to run around, play pretend, start pick up football games, play kick the can (remember that one?). 

We all know the challenges that "screen time" has caused and let's be honest, the idea of kids simply running all over the neighborhood just isn't as safe is it was 30 years ago. 

BUT... BUT.... we can get them out there... and, keep them busy! Here are a few ideas..




Yep, you know this one... $14.00 right here at www.WalkieChalk.com

Grab some sidewalk chalk and go, so easy and will keep the kids drawing for hours. Or even minutes... I'd settle for busy for minutes!

Little Tikes Pogo-IT

Little Tikes Pogo

We love this one (wear the helmet!) kids moving, jumping and it's so simple!

Under $40.00 at Toys R Us.


Wait...Wait... What is YOUR Favorite Sidewalk chalk?

Ah yes, as the inventors of Walkie Chalk we get asked - what chalk do you guys like? Sidebar - we don't make chalk. Walkie Chalk holds most any chalk, round or square... we didn't want make chalk, just the cool holder for it. 

Anyway... we LOVE the bright vibrant Crayola Sidewalk Chalk. 

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk


Sold everywhere, good deals here obviously at Walmart https://www.walmart.com

It works in Walkie Chalk and is really the best stuff out there. 

Okay great, we get it with the chalk - but what about when it's cold out?? 

Gah, yes... that white stuff is coming in some parts of the country. Here in Michigan winter is on it's way.  Yet, we still want those kids to "Get Outside!" Right?

What about this... Snow Shoes!

REI Tubb's Snowflake ShowShoes



How cool is this? The little ones strap on some snow shoes and clomp around all afternoon, staying busy, moving and just being outside. Love it. 

They are under $40 at REI www.rei.com

So there are a few simple ideas... get the kids outside, playing and moving!




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