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Eight Games To Play With Sidewalk Chalk This Summer! Stand Up & Draw, Play & Create.

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Of course we think everything (sidewalk chalk related) is better with a Walkie Chalk - but just getting outside and playing is the important thing. Here are a few fun games to try this summer - and PLEASE let us know what other games you like to play!


Box Them Out

Simple enough for younger children and can also challenge older kids as they learn to use strategy to win.  Draw a very large square about 10 feet x 10 feet.  Divide the large square into a grid 10 spaces wide x 10 spaces deep.  You can make the initial large square smaller, but the grid spaces need to be big enough for kids to stand inside them.  Give each player a piece of chalk and assign them a corner to start.  The first player will move to a connecting square and then cross out the square that they came from with their color chalk.   Players take turns moving from one square to the next crossing out boxes as they go.  After a box is crossed out no one can step in that box again for the entire game.  If a player is stuck and cannot move they must forfeit their turn.   The winner is the one who can move last after all the players are “stuck”.  Use the same grid over and over by using an X to cross out the squares for the first round, an O for the second round and color in the square for the third game.


Town Map
Start with an intersection or store, and draw out your town - or a fictional town. Draw in the grocery store, hardware store, school, park and more! Kids will get excited to add details too, it's fun!


Connect The Dots
Yep, that simple... use your Walkie Chalk and make a large area of dots, in the shape of something like a car, dinosaur or ice cream cone and let the little ones connect them. 


Research several animals and find out what their paw prints look like.  Using sidewalk chalk draw the footprints / paw prints so that they go up and down the driveway and sidewalks.  Some fun animals footprints to draw are elephants, ducks, cats, horses and dinosaurs.


Four Square
Draw a large square (over 10‘ wide) and divide it into 4 equal squares.  Number the squares going  clockwise 1, 2, 3 and 4 and then draw a diagonal line in square 1 because it will be the serving line.  The player in square 1 serves by bouncing the ball in his square and then hitting the ball into any of the other squares. Players have to allow the ball to bounce one time in their square before they hit it into another players square.   Players can be eliminated from the game by hitting the ball out of bounds, letting the ball bounce more then once in their square, hitting the ball more then once during their turn or holding or catching the ball.  Players that are eliminated leave their space and join the players on the sideline.  All remaining players on the court move up to the next highest square and a new player from the sidelines moves to the lowest square (4 is the lowest).  The winner is the one who can stay in the #1 square the longest without being eliminated. 


Draw yourself and have your kiddos draw themselves or someone they know. Mix up the colors and do "funny" hair and eyes!


Race Track
Walkie Chalk is great for this, draw a big figure 8 track on the driveway - it's perfect for riding bikes on or driving a remote control car. 


Treasure Map

'X' can mark the spot wherever your little on wants - draw a treasure map with scary monsters, dangerous rivers and high mountains - and talk about the adventure of getting through the map. 


We know there are dozens of other fun games and ideas - share some with us.

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Happy Chalking!


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