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The Benefits of the Arts and How to Get Involved

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Guest Author: Leslie Campos

If you want to help expand the mind of your child then you should consider infusing the arts into their lives. By playing music, painting pictures, and expressing themselves artistically, kids can have more fulfilled lives and you never know where the hobby could take them. Here at Walkie Chalk, we love to see people have a love of art, so we have some tips and advice on including fun new artistic hobbies into your child’s lives.

The Benefits of Painting and Creating Art

When many people think about the arts, they often first think about drawing or painting and this is indeed a good place to start. The practice of painting is very beneficial for kids because in addition to having them use their imagination, the movement of a brush or pencil helps them to improve their fine motor skills and it can improve their hand-eye coordination. Painting is also a great way to relieve stress which is a gift that they can bring into adulthood.

If you are interested in getting your kids into the act of painting, then consider bringing them to an art museum so they can see how beautiful a finished product can be. You can also paint with them so they enjoy it as a family activity.

Try Singing or Playing a Musical Instrument

Another art form that is great for kids is learning a musical instrument or learning how to sing. Every instrument has its own learning curve so becoming proficient will require practice and problem-solving skills which are necessary for our growing children. Singing is great for a child’s brain because it impacts our emotions, visual imagery, language, and fine motor skills. Also, the act of opening up the diaphragm and letting out those beautiful words can do wonders for the respiratory system.

Getting kids interested in learning an instrument is often easy, especially if their school has a band program. Ask your child which instrument they prefer and if they change their mind down the road, that is fine too. Some people learn multiple instruments, which is even more beneficial for their health.

Dancing Helps the Body and Mind

Another great activity that can help your kids thrive is the art of dance. By joining a dance class, your children will learn to socialize with others and use creativity to come up with new choreography. Plus, by moving around and being active, your kids get the cardio that they need.

There are many different dance classes available for youngsters, so consider enrolling your children and see what develops.

The Arts Can Lead to Something More

Although you might get your kids into the arts to develop their minds, you never know when your child will take their passion to the next level and someday turn that art into a business. For instance, some music lovers might start a band or compose music and artists can sell their work to museums. Many people take their passion and want to teach others, either in person or online.

If you or your kids ever do go this route, then it is a good idea to register the new teaching business as a limited liability company. An LLC is great because it is easy to set up with less paperwork and more options and flexibility. Plus, there are great financial bonuses come tax time. If they do eventually go with this option then it is a good idea to search “LLC in Michigan” to learn the specific rules for that state to ensure that your company is compliant.

As you can see, there are many benefits to teaching your kids the arts, both now and in the future. Introduce one of these activities into their lives and see what develops.

If you’re looking for a fun way to encourage art with your kids, try Walkie Chalk! This fun and easy product keeps hands clean and knees safe as you and your kids make chalk art while standing up!


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