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The Hottest Outdoor Toy of 2017 Hits a Store Near You: "Stand Up & Draw" With Sidewalk Chalk!

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From Kickstarter to 5,000 stores in less than 9 Months!

Whew, that's a lot of walking.... but, we're just getting started!

We were fortunate enough to get orders nationally from: Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, MIchaels, Hobby Lobby, Ace Hardware and more....

It's here! 

Shauna's ingenuity lead to me inventing her a solution a little over a year ago - called Walkie Chalk - because after having our 3rd child, she couldn't get on the ground to draw with sidewalk chalk. 

Now - her picture is hanging on our packages in over 5,000 stores, in less than year - and, kids, parents and grandparents have a new fun way to play and create outside. 

Toys R Us....Not bad company...

We basically invented Walkie Chalk in an Ace Hardware - special place to us....and they love Walkie Chalk too!

Our first purchase order and maybe the nicest people around, Hobby Lobby....

Bed Bath & Beyond - Temporary spot, Summer display is still in the works... look for us near the check out of your local store!

They make great Easter gifts or Spring birthday presents. Grab a Walkie Chalk and go!

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